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I have a desk job and am 40. I try to exercise, walk, on nice days. I don't get hungry I get weak and dizzylike. I notice it in my eye first. Can't recognize words then things get dark. If I eat at this time, I feel fine agian but I'm getting bigger and bigger, 220 last week now 225. I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner take daily vitimins, no fastfoods, drugs or alcolhol, coffee. Drinking instant diabetic drinks pull me out of this situation. What should I ask my Dr. to do? Thanks...
Thank you for your inquiry Coupled with your previous question, it seems from this that you have a high stress but fairly desk-bound job. If you do exercise regularly (as opposed to try to) then it is less likely that you will have difficulties controlling your weight; and exercise dramatically reduces your risk of heart diseases, blood pressure problems and conditions such as diabetes. (That said, it is unlikely that your weight is truly fluctuating by as much as 5 lbs in 7 days unless your diet is quite bad). Rather than ask your doctor specifically to "do something" such as a fasting blood glucose test - which is a good idea though if you are unusually thirsty, have been very overweight for a time, have a family history of diabetes and feel that it takes a 'sugar hit' to be active - it would be preferable that you and your doctor approach the present situation as a whole; i.e. taking (and giving) a full history, a clinical and cardiological examination, screening tests, and a healthy eating / healthy lifestyle / exercise and de-stressing program. (In general it is more likely the content and timing of your meals is the culprit for the way you feel). With this approach you might find your need for more sophisticated tests and drugs to be either minimal or not at all required... if your GP is unable or unwilling to do this with you, you'd best find one who will, because this needs to be a team effort and one for the long-term. Hope this helps.
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