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I have suddenly developed a dry caugh. It happens in the day and also at bedtime. If it were just at night, I wouldn't be concerned because I could attribute it to a back drip when I lay down. But now during the day it occurs to the point of needing water to stop. What is the cause, and what kind of a doctor should I see. Everyone is specialized these days. I have a family doctor, but I'm not sure is he is the one I should see. Is this a common ailment?
Thank you for your inquiry. This is unlikely to portend anything serious especially if your voice is not affected, and it is not necessary to see any specialist other than your family doctor in the first instance. A brief history and clinical examination focusing on the respiratory tract and throat is indicated though (to see if there is some obvious irritant in the throat that is the culprit). You may also first wish to try a day or so of cough syrup to see if the symptom settles quickly, if this is your sole symptom. Hope this helps
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