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I recently moved from southern California to Hawaii. Since I have been here, I have gained almost 1 pound every day. I haven't changed my eating habits at all and I have been exorsizing more. My weight was 121 pounds and is now 136 pounds. I have also been extremely emotional, I feel horrable about my body now. I cry very easily and feel sad more often. Is there a possible medical explanation for my emotions and sudden weight gain? Please give me some kind of answer I'm very concerned.
If your caloric intake is suitable and you have regular exercise, your doctor may consider other causes for unexplained weight gain, such as endocrine (hormone) disorders. One example is when your thyroid gland (located around your Adam's apple) has decreased functioning. People who have low thyroid often do gain weight and are more tired. You also mention that you cry easily and your mood is low. Your age is not mentioned, but I wonder if you are nearing menopause. Some of these symptoms (including weight changes) can be due to the changes in the circulating estrogen hormones. I think your concerns are very valid. Please take care of yourself and have them discussed with a doctor.
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