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Got an ache or pain? Have a question about a prescription or over-the-counter drug? Looking for some FREE medical advice?
I've been taking Promazine Hydrochloride 50mg daily, for the symptomatic relief of insomnia. It seems to work vey well, and I understand should remain effective for a much longer period of time than specific sleeping tablets. This being true, what are reasonable expectations? And finally, is this drug available in Moscow? And if not,what of the phenothiazine derivatives in general? I understand they are considered as antipsychotics, and as such, strong group medication. Thank you!
Dear Lux,
This is unusual treatment for insomnia and some people develop unpleasant side effects such as Parkinson-like tremor. As you say, Promazine belongs to the group of drugs used as antipsychotics, so it is quite strong medication. It is used for sedation in agitated elderly patients, but not generally for insomnia as the risks may outweigh the benefits. It is not available in Russia, but we can order Chlorpromazine which is used in the same way. Ideally, one should consider the background to insomnia. Is stress a factor? If so is it possible to reduce stress levels? One can try non-medical interventions: cut out caffeine, do extra sports, regular bedtime, relaxation exercises/yoga etc. I would suggest that you consult a doctor about all the alternative treatments. Best regards,
Dr Brigid Lomax
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