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I have developed pimple like substances on my left butt cheek. They are underneath the cheek about an inch from my anal and appear in a cluster. I have one on the center of the other cheek. They itch and are uncomfortable at times. Other times, I forget they are even there. I have been researching the web and believe they may be Thrombosed Hemorrhoids, but I cannot find a photo. I noticed the bumps about a week ago and thought it may be a heat rash. After working out, I was extremely sweaty and did not take a shower right away. I have been applying a hydrocortisone creme (Cortizone 10) for 2 days now and feel they may have improved slightly. Could these bumps/pimples be anything else?
Answer: Thrombosed external haemorrhoids are a bit like varicose veins around the anus, or back passage. They often do occur in clusters and people notice lumps which protrude from the anus. They can feel like a bunch of hard grapes. They are sometimes more prominent when the person is straining on the toilet. There can be associated bleeding. Your lumps or pimples do not sound like haemorrhoids as they are not protruding directly from the anus. They sound like they are in the skin of each buttock. This could be folliculitis, a mild infection of the glands of the skin, similar to pimples. Folliculitis can be uncomfortable or even painful and can spread, in which case topical antiseptics and oral antibiotics may be required. It may have started with a heat rash. Hydrocortisone cream will help reduce any inflammation of the skin and there will be short term improvement. However, if there is infection involved hydrocortisone will make it worse in the long run. Overheating and excessive soap can exacerbate itchiness so avoid both of these. If these lumps do not go away you should see your doctor as you might require further treatment.
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