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Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnat for almost three years and we have two kids before. but it hasn't been able to happen again so what do you suggest i do. And i have seen doctors and they say that there's nothing wrong. Please advise me what should we do?
Thank you for your inquiry. As you have had children up before now the investigation should be reasonably straightforward. Unfortunately there is some information missing which is quite necessary to attempt to best advise you; i.e. how old you both are now, how old you were when you had the children, any intervening illness, current medications, and the results of any investigations which we assume were done before "the doctors say there's nothing wrong". We realise you've already been down this road but really, the best advice is to seek again a medical opinion perhaps from another doctor who will go over the history and do the necessary investigations with you as a couple (i.e. including looking at the possible causes of secondary infertility). "Secondary" infertility what it's called when as a couple you've conceived previously but can't get pregnant again. The necessary tests are generally the same as for primary infertility: semen analysis, possibly a hysterosalpingogram, basal body temperature charting, up to laparoscopy to look for tubal pathology etc. There's a lot of information available "out there" on each of these procedures but best to get it from your doctor as again, a lot of the info is not very objective. One in five women in the mid-20s to mid-30s will not get pregnant during the 1st year of trying; in the next decade of life the 'risk" increases to one in three. And as 20% of all infertility is due to a combination of factors that operate between the couple i.e. involving both the man and the woman, it's important that you go to the doctor and are investigated as a couple. Hope this helps: good luck
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