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I am a male in my mid 40s, used to run and play racquetball. Recently I've been feeling occasional pain in my knees. I can be asleep in my bed or moving about, and I'll feel a sharp pain just below the kneecap on the inside leg side. I've heard about the possibility of it being a piece of cartilidge or a problem with the miniscus. What are the other possible causes, and what does diagnosis and treatment entail?
The knee is a complex structure that involves many parts that can get injured. These include the meniscus, a series of ligaments that hold the knee together, bones like the patella, femur and tibia as well as muscle and tendons. It also includes fluid like sacs that surround joints and ligaments called bursa. All these structures can get injured and be a possible cause of your pain. To be able to diagnose your problem, you need to see a doctor who will obtain a good history of your knee problems, do a complete physical exam of your knees and possibly order some diagnostic tests if needed to precise the diagnosis. Of course, treatment will depend on the diagnosis, Hope this helps...
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