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I sent you a question on January the 9th about insomnia. You said it was "unlikely to have a medical cause". If "unlikely" that does leave some room for some possibility. Do you have any ideas? Even remote possibilities, are there for example some stimulants beyond the obvious, caffeine and nicotine, that I might unwittingly be consuming? A related question is to do with the damage that sleep deprivation does to tissue, particularly beneath the eyes. Why does it do that? And what are the chances of the regeneration of this tissue for a fit 30 year old? Are there other things apart from a good nights sleep that I can do to aid regeneration, creams? diet? etc. Thanks.
To explore the more remote possibilities really does require an 'interactive' consultation with your doctor. Sleep deprivation does not do damage to the tissues beneath the eyes (if you will excuse the levity, as doctors we are uniquely placed to pronounce upon this as for many doctors it is routine to regularly work some or most of the night and then carry out a full day's clinic or other work the next day or weekend). So we can assure you that there are no changes specific to the tissues under the eyes that result from lack of sleep that cannot be restored with all the components of a healthy lifestyle including sufficient sleep. The first subtle and then more pronounced ravages of time on one's face and skin are a different matter of course.
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