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About 3 nights ago I had sex with a woman that had supposedly had intercourse with someone who had done "needles". For about 6seconds or so TOTAL, we had sex without a condom. After which I made her get a condom. Anyways, im very paranoid about this sort of thing, i havent been able to eat in 2days. This was my first time. I really dont know what to do. How long i should wait before i get tested? If im at that much of a risk? If theres something that can help my anxiety. Please help.
Thankyou for your inquiry. Although the exposure time as you describe is for a short duration, contact is with an individual considered in the higher risk group for transmitting STD. It is unlikely in this short duration of exposure, however there is no hard facts or studies done to quantitate length of time vs transmission rate.. From a practical point of view, you should get a baseline HIV test now and repeat on in 4 months. This should tell you whether HIV was transmitted from this exposure. Hep B antibodies can be detected within two weeks . Other tests recommended are a blood test form syphilis, and urethral swabs/ urinalysis for chlamydia and gonorrhea, the former being more often asymptomatic than the latter. These can be done within a week post exposure. This of course is clinical sensible recommendations for your own protection and until you know your status you should take precautions not to transmit to others. It is understandable to have the anxiety you describe, and hopefully there will be some comfort in knowing this was a short exposure, however the best relief of the anxiety is to be properly checked. Hope this information helps,
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