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I just found out i am pregnant, and i have been taking medicine for my stomach pain, and i was wondering how many months do you have to be before you can have a test done to see if anything is wrong with your baby? and the way it is developing?
Thankyou for your question.It is difficult to give you a specific time frame as the baby is developing throughout the whole pregnancy. General guidelines are if the pregnancy is stable it lasts through the first trimester (13 weeks). Nuchal ultrasounds can be done between 10-13 weeks to look for defects in what is called neural tube formation, also this is a test to detect Down's syndrome(trisimy 21) at an early stage. At 16 weeks a blood test called the triple screen can be done which is also a screening test for the same. Ultrasound within the first 13 weeks is useful as it can show if all the organ systems are developing, and subsequent ultrasounds, throughout the pregnancy can determine if growth of the baby is within normal limits. Ultrasounds although useful for this sometimes cannot detect subtle abnormalities. Best to consult your obstetrician if you are worried about the effects of a medication, as some medications are at greater risk for causeing fetal problems and some medications are at very little risk of causing problems, an dthis could put your mind at ease. In summary, the best way to detect abnormalities, or to determine normal growth is several consecutive assessments by your obstetrician. Hope this helps
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