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   June 12
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I have already physical exam from the Doctor from pakistan. He told me you coughat cold in your shoulder muscles, and your week, Eat boil Egg andd drink milk with mixed honey. My question is it is good for me. I used egg mixed milk with honey and i feel better than before. One more thing i fee my sitting style is not so good, thatsway i feel this problem because when i sit state i feel tired . I am very thankfull for you. you are very kind docotor.
Thank you for your inquiry. Eggs, honey and milk are all components of a healthy diet if taken in the appropriate amounts. They are not so likely to cure back pain specifically but a healthy diet means you are much less prone to injury and much more likely to heal faster than someone who has an unhealthy diet. People often experience pain when sitting in positions the body is not designed for, for long periods. Below are a few simple tips to minimise the risk of getting back pain, neck pain or arm pain while working all day. They also help improve any existing symptoms. Remember, prevention is better than cure. 1. Ensure you chair is adjusted to "fit" you a. Raise the height of the chair so your elbows are level with the desk surface b. If your feet are now off the floor, use a foot rest or wooden box to support them c. Adjust the height of the back rest so that it fits comfortably into the follow in the small of the back (about waist height) d. If you do not feel there is enough support at the low back, fold a small towel in half and roll it up and place in the natural hollow at your waist e. It is preferable to have a chair with castors and a "five star" / "starfish" base for prolonged VDU (Visual Display Unit) work 3. The computer screen a. The screen should swivel and tilt b. The top of screen should be at sitting eye height c. The screen should be at 90 degrees to any natural light, to reduce reflection and glare d. Any work involving a large amount of copying should be on a document holder, at the same height and distance away as the screen e. The screen should be approximately arms length away from the user f. Rest your eyes by focusing on a distant object for a minute 4. The Desk a. Locate the objects used most frequently closest to you. b. Arrange your desk every morning for your days work. Remove items which you know you will not use that day c. Locate your telephone so you can place your hand on it without leaving the back of your chair 5. Breaks which are short and frequent are more satisfactory than occasional longer breaks e.g. 5-10 minutes after an hour continuous screen and/or keyboard work is better than a 15 minute break every 2 hours. Other work can be done in these breaks away from the screen. Hope this helps
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