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I have a generalised itch with no rash that seems to itch all over my body (however mostly near joints and groin) - its is worse during bedtime and thus I cannot sleep. As there is no rash what could it possibly be? This only developed during the last few weeks in Moscow.
Thank you for your inquiry. The causes of "itching" are numerous. The most common cause of this symptom is dry skin which is fairly common in the winter in Russia but several other skin disease can also cause this symptom. You can also have "itching" because of more generalized diseases that could involve your kidneys, liver or brain for example. Other example of disease that can cause "itching" include diabetes and thyroid disease. To be able to make a proper diagnosis, it is necessary to see a doctor who will take your medical history and do a complete physical exam. Depending on the findings, your doctor could also decide to do some blood work. Hope this helps.
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