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I bruise very easily on my legs and recently my arms. I'm also noticing more and more thread veins on my legs. Is this a circulation thing? Is there anything I can do about it?
Thank you for your inquiry, Easy bruising can be caused by a bleeding disorder and this is specially true if the bruising is not associated with trauma. Clotting of blood (i.e. the process that stops people from bleeding) is complicated and involves different cells and molecules in our body. There can be many medical conditions to explain a problem with clotting of your blood. In this instance, I would recommend that you consult a doctor that should take a complete history from you and do a complete physical. The doctor could then order a series of tests including blood tests to see if your blood clots normally. As for your thread veins, if I understand correctly you are probably talking about those small superficial broken veins on the legs. These can also have several causes including aging and hormonal changes. Hope this information helps.
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