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My daughter has been running a fever for the last 24 hours of 102 -103 degrees. My husband is out of town, I don't have my card anymore, it broke, do you take checks drawn on an American Bank? If you don't what can I do for my daughter, she has been taking ibuprofen for the fever, but it isn't bringing it down.
To KM, Thank you for your question. Here are some suggestions to help with fever control, you may add paracetamol or acetamenophen as alternating doses with the ibuprofen. Clothing should be light and breathable allowing for body heat dissipation. Fluids should be encouraged to prevent dehydration, also avoid exposure to the ambient elevated temperature. The age of your daughter is not mentioned. In infants and toddlers, try and avoid sudden temp. swings i.e., sponging with tepid water as opposed to cold water is recommended. The above suggestions are just comfort measures and are important however any prolonged fever should be assessed for the cause. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques in payment of services, only cash and credit cards. However, if you have medical insurance it may be cceptable at the ISOS clinic and if not, we can discuss other payment options that might suit you.
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