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Maybe you can help me, I'm bisexual and have had sex with another guy, we had protected sex but something happened during our experience, he wanted me to bite really hard on his nipples, which I think now that his nipples must have bleed, he was a black guy and I never noticed if he bleed or not.My first symptoms in the next couple of weeks where upset stomach and some vomitting, I would vomit after eating something. I'm married and think I transmitted this desease to my wife and the worst part of it all she was pregnant when I must have transmitted this to her. I have the odd red pimples on my legs and for a while quite a few behind my legs, in my mouth I have lumps in the top of my mouth that sometimes swell a little but most of the time they are just little lumps and in the back of my mouth I have little warts. My wife has a lot of pimples on her cheeks and gets the odd upset stomach, my son who is now 7 months old has the odd pimple on his body and a few on his cheeks. I've we nt for Hep B, C and HIV testing twice so far and all is negative. I have a thyroide problem and whenever I got infected the thyroide went out of whack it went into hyper. The first tests where done around two months after infection and the second tests where done around 5 months after infection, I will be going for another test any day now. If it's not HIV do you have a clue what this can be. Any response would help. Thank You mp
Thankyou for your inquiry, however you are directed to see your physician for a step by step look at the possibilities from this complex encounter, to help you determine what the cause of your symptoms may be. Best regards
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