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I gave birth to a girl 5 days ago.She weighed 2.8 Kg .During breast feeding she didnt latch properly and started loosing weight. Then I used breast pump to collect milk and would finger feed the baby. Off late there has been lot of wind in the baby stomach and she is not able to sleep. She is having frequent bowel movements. Sometimes in an hour she does 5-6 bowels. I am on a diet containing milk and cereals with whole wheat bread in breakfast and then I take a whole wheat tortilla cooked in raw butter and along with this i take some vegetable or pulses garnished with lots of butter. Is this diet okay or does this is causing wind in the baby. Secondly my elders have told me to avoid orange juice and apples if they are little sour. their apprehension is that baby will catch cold. Is this a myth aor the sourness of juice passes in to breast milk.
Answer: Congratulations on your new daughter. Congratulations also on choosing to breast feed, as this is the best way to ensure your baby is healthy. Many new mothers worry that their own diet will affect the baby, but the effect food has on baby varies widely from mother to mother. The most important thing is to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and drink plenty of water. It is generally wise to cut back or avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can pass into breast milk and harm or irritate baby. Babies become fussy after feeds, cry a lot, or don't sleep if they are sensitive to something you've eaten. Sometimes baby can be allergic to something you've eaten and this can show up as hives, breathing problems, or green or mucousy stools. Although some women swear that spicy dishes upset their babies, trial and error may be your best guide, because food-induced irritability differs markedly from one infant to the next. Breast fed babies do not have a normal stool pattern. Some seem 'constipated' and some seem to have 'diarrhoea'. It is also normal for babies to lose a little weight immediately after birth. Food allergies can occur, and could cause more frequent stools. Milk products can do this. So can other allergenic foods like eggs, peanuts, citrus fruits, chocolate, nuts and sometimes cereal grains, and some meats and fish. If this sounds like just about everything you are right! Trial and error is the best bet. Your diet does sound as if it could be a little more varied. However, it is not likely that it is causing wind. This is more likely to be due to feeding technique. Orange juice will not cause your baby to catch a cold. A cold is an infectious disease. You sound like you have a large number of well meaning people giving you advice. This is good, but don't forget, you are the mother now. You should do what you think is best. Consulting a good midwife or your family doctor will often put your mind at rest. Of course if your baby does not put on weight you should seek professional advice immediately.
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