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For a few days every month over the last 6 months, I have had a disgusting taste in my mouth and a sick stomach. Although I feel nauseous I am never actually sick,I just feel lousy. I see a dental hygenist regularly so I no there is nothing wrong with my mouth and I have also had a routine gyneological check up recently which showed I was pretty healthy. I am now guessing that maybe it is either a food allergy or a problem with my stomach. I have shrugged it off in the past as it usually passes after a couple of days but as it is now becoming a regular occurrence I thought I would seek some advice.
Dear Carolanne,
The unpleasant taste in your mouth and sick feeling may be due to a number of different problems. You have already considered some of the commonest, including dental infection. Good dental hygiene including use of dental sticks or floss may help. What about use of garlic in food? This is well known to cause odour in the breath and may affect how you experience taste. If you would like to investigate the problem further you would need to see a doctor, who would consider diagnoses such as oesphageal diverticulum, as well as addressing other concerns you may have. Best regards,
Brigid Lomax
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