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   June 12
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My son is three years old and he is healthy.For the past four months he is caughing all thru the night once in two weeks.its a dry caugh he does nt feel anything uncomfortable during day time.when we consulted a Doctor they said its because of some allergy and prescribed sudafed.Even now it comes once in a while.He caucghs in the early hours around 3am or 4am,some of our friends said because of teh dry air it comes so we bought humidifier.Still he does once in a while.what may be the reason for that and give me the remedy.Thx
Thank you for your inquiry. This is certainly something that needs investigating. Apart from everything else, broken sleep for both children and their parents impairs learning as well as enjoyment for the next day. It is likely - but needs to be confirmed by consultation with a paediatrician - that allergy does has a role in the cause of your child's coughing especially if there is not current or recent history of an upper or lower respiratory tract infection. Undiagnosed asthma can be a cause, especially if in the past simple colds have made your child cough or wheeze. Triggers may be air pollution - both outdoor and indoor -- and pets or smokers in the house. Asthma can be related to chronic inflammation of the tubes in the lungs, not just acute episodes of severe shortness of breath, but can be effectively treated. It would be best to see a paediatrician who can take a history, examine the child, and may decide to prescribe a trial of anti-asthma medication to see if things improve. We hope this commentary is of some use to you although we are sure you will appreciate the difficulties involved in advising without seeing the patient and understand that we cannot be responsible for any conclusions you may draw. Best regards
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