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I am 26 years old 5' 10" and weigh around 245. I have recently put on an extreme amount of weight - about 35-50 pounds in about a year and a half. I am also a light smoker and under an extreme amount of stress. My issue is over the last few months I have developed an irregular heart beat. There is never any pain involved. It just seems to skip a beat. Almost feels like my heart is going to jump out of my throat. Then back to normal. I cant really place what makes it happen. I know that as soon as I get wound up as my heart rate starts to increase it seems to do it more. But there are occaisions that I will just be sitting down and it will do one of those numbers. What my question is I'm sure that this has to do with my rapid weight gain since i jumped from around 180-190 to 240-250. I have not seen a doctor as of yet because of lack of insurance. I am just looking for a little piece of mind. I have recently started to loose weight and would like to start to exercise but I have been afraid to get my heart rate up for fear that one of these times it will stop and not start again. But I generally dont feel good because of my lack of activity as I used to be very healthy. I have also considered the fact that it may just be doing this because I pay very close attention to my heart rate now and I may simply be playing tricks on myself.
A person who is overweight will have certain risk factors, including heart disease. However your symptoms need medical attention and a diagnosis. It is important for you to look after your health and seek trusted medical advice, even if you do not have insurance. You can only be reassured appropriately if you get a full history, physical examination and some basis tests, including as an electrocardiogram. If these palpitations (sensation of heartbeating) are frequent, irregular, or longstanding, further investigation like a Holter monitor, may be required. Best wishes.
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