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My wife is 31 years old and pregnenet in 29 weeks. My dauther is 5.6 years old cougth chicken pox does that effect my wife. Does it effect the child after delivery.. I mean what will happen to my wife and her child.
The first thing to determine is whether your wife is immune or susceptible to varicella (chicken pox). She is immune if she has had chicken pox or has been vaccinated (usually). The risk for a susceptible exposed pregnant patient is in early pregnancy and your wife is at the end of her second trimester so this is a less harmful exposure in the gestation time frame. If the fetus has exposure to varicella (ie. the mother has no immunity and is susceptible ) in the early pregnacy there is s small increase in incidence of congenitl birth defects, also the infant born to a susceptble mother may be at risk of acquiring chicken pox of increased severity. In your wife"s case if she"s immune, there is little concern.If she suspects she may not be it is recommended she have her antibody titres checked as soon as possible.
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