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I got bitten by a dog in Moscow last week. There giving me injections for this. They say that I can't drink alcohol for 6 months, and can't have a bath for 6 months (only a shower). Is that correct. I went to the local polyclinic for this treatment. They charged me quite a lot of money, unoficially. Should they have given me initial treatment for free?
These injections will be for rabies. If so, drinking alcohol and having a bath are not contra-indicated. The doctors may have told you not to have a bath initially if the wound was very nasty and soaking it in water might delay healing or cause infection. Given the large number of alcohol related illness in Russia, perhaps the doctors have a policy of recommending abstinence for all their patients. If you have not been vaccinated against rabies, then post-exposure vaccination involves administration of both rabies immunoglobulin and a series of spaced rabies vaccines. It is very important to have the full course. Emergency hospital treatment in Russia is free for foreigners whose governments have reciprocal health agreements with the government of the Russian Federation (eg citizens of the UK). Polyclinic treatment is not usually regarded as emergency treatment, and it is usual to be charged a fee. You will also be expected to pay for the vaccines and any other disposables or medications.
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