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I have regular periods always. I had my last period on 11th May 2003 and I am 28 yrs old. In the month of June, I went for sonography and pregnancy test. The pregnancy test was negative and the doctor said everything is normal. I could only see few drops of blood in my panty and after that nothing more. I want to know when is the best time to have an intercourse in order to conceive, we want to have a baby but as now I am not sure when I will get my periods next. Please suggest.
Dear Poops, Thankyou for your inquiry.To answer the first part of your question , if this last period was not normal I would recommend that despite the recent normal ultrasound, repeat the pregnancy test again now. From a statistical point of view from day 10-18 is the week mid menstrual cycle on a 28 day cycle where most women ovulate, so this is the best week to conceive. To further define your own ovulation time you can take your basal body temperature first thing in the am. When your temperature increases one degree this usually corresponds to ovulation following in the next 48 hrs. To hurther define ovulation time further, you can purchase test urine strips that detect LH which is the hormone signifying ovulation. Hope this information helps.
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