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Ive' been very sacred aboutthis situacion im only 14 yrs old I got my period 1 year ago this is second yr I usally get it every 2 o 3 months at first I thought it was normal but, I havent got my period since agust,17,2003 and its been 4 months and a half what I should do about this?. Is this normal?
Dear Natalie,
Thankyou for your inquiry,
There are many different reasons for a lack of menstrual period of 4 months especially in your age group. The most common reasons are change in body weight, change in sleep/wake cycles, as in sometimes students experience an imbalance in their sleep due to school commitments that can suppress pituatary signals to ovulation which runs the menstrual cycle. Changes in physical activiity as in taking on new sports can also do this. There are other reaons, as in an increase in cysts on the ovaries, a genetic predisposition called polycystic ovaries, which is primarily diagnosed by ultrasound. Also, pregnancy if there has been unprotected sexual activity.
Best recommendation is to see your doctor to diagnose what the cause is in you. Hope this helps,
Best regards.
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