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I just found out that I have HPV..and I am extremely depressed about it, do you think i need to be on anti-depression drugs now? Is it still okay for me to have sex and have a baby? I am using a cream right now, and was wondering if there was any pills i could take orally for HPV?
Dear Sabrina, HPV is a common infection, and can be transmissable through sex. It is the virus that causes genital warts. There is no medication that eradicates this infection, however it has a tendency to go into dormant phases or quiessent periods where it is less transmissable. If you have cervical HPV this makes you more prone to cervical cellular changes that potentially could lead to cervial cancer if these changes were not treated for a long period of time , therefore you should have yearly pap smears. HPV does not affect conception rate or is a contraindication to having a baby. I hope some of these basic facts help you see the HPV infection in perspective, and less depressing, however if you continue to feel depressed, see your doctor for further counselling advice. Hope this helps
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