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I read that Tickborne Encephalitis has spread to Moscow. Do you recommend vaccination for residents of Moscow? What about people who travel on business to Novosibirsk? Thanks for your help.
Dear Mark,
Thank you for the inquiry. The epidemiologic authorities in Moscow are not reporting increased incidence of TBE within the Moscow region which includes Moscow city, despite what the English-speaking papers are reporting. For residence living in Moscow they are not recommending pre-exposure vaccination with TBE vaccine. If a person is bit by a tick the epidemiologic authorities request the patient report it to a doctor so they can record the incidence. They recommend followup within 21 days to reassess that the person has not developed a fever or any symptoms. There has been lyme disease in Moscow, which is another infection transmitted by ticks. Because of this you should call or see your doctor if bitten by a tick, as in some cases a prophylactic course of an antibiotic covering for lyme disease may be given. If a person is travelling to Novosibirsk, even though not all Novosibirsk is considered endemic, we suggest pre-exposure vaccination. Now that we are already in tick season, the fastest immunization schedule is: the initial shot now and a booster at 2 weeks. If a person is travelling to Novosibirsk sooner than 2 weeks we recommend they receive TBE immunoglobulin, which will allow for massive immunity. If immunoglobulin has been taken, the pre-exposure vaccination schedule cannot be given for a month. The usual vaccination schedule for TBE is the initial booster in the fall, and the booster 1-3 months, and then at 9-12 months. I hope this information is helpful to you. With best regards,
Dr Lynn Stadnyk, MD
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