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Approximately 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and only underwent a cone biopsy. After the surgery, my docto informed me that they had gotten it all. About 1 year later, I had the IUD inserted on my uterus. Now I have had my follow-ups for the last 4 1/2 years and my pap smears have always came back normal. About 8 months, I started getting a lot of yeast infections almost monthly and I also had about 4 bacterial infections. In February, I had a really bad UTI which followed a very bad yeast infection. Now since this, my period has been very irregular coming every 3 weeks, sometimes 2 1/2, and so forth. I had my annual pap smear on May 7th and my dr. was just going to try and watch me for the next few months on the irregular menstrual cycle. I also told her that for a little while now, I have had some spotting and bleeding sometimes after intercourse, and she didn't say anything about that. I got a call yesterday from my Dr's office telling me that my pap smear cam e back showing A typical cells and I am to do a repeat pap in 3 months. Now, is there a chance that the cancer is back? What are the chances of getting cervical cancer again? SHould I be looking out for any other signs or symptons?
We regret that this type of question cannot be answered by our advisory service. An appropriate answer requires as a minimum a personal consultation and details of the original histology (the 'tissue diagnosis'). Because the answers to questions 1 and 2 have such serious implications for your peace of mind we recommend that you discuss these questions directly with your doctor.
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