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I have shoulder pain in the muscles adjacent to the shoulder blade. It sometimes comes on, as it did this time, by the recent cold snap. Usually it goes after a few days or a massage. Not this time. I have tried pepper plasters, Ben-Gay, ibuprofin, and massage. All have had only temporary benefits, and while the sharpness of pain has diminished the discomfort has spread to a dull ache in the shoulder and now lower neck and upper arm. It is nearly impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position other than on my back. What could be the problem, what can I do for it, and will stopping drinking help at all?
Thank you for your inquiry. (Our physiotherapist will respond separately as well). From the purely medical point of view, what's really needed to know is quite a bit more info; not just how old you are and whether this problem is related to a past injury (and if so how long ago), but also physical examination including the nerves of the neck and upper back and checking the range of movement of the shoulder. Without this information diagnosis is not possible. As far as drinking goes - if you mean alcohol, unless your alcohol intake is excessive then stopping alcohol altogether is not likely to benefit this particular problem (although it does help others). WE suggest you see your doctor for history-taking and examination as the first best path to diagnosis and treatment.
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