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I am 25 and thinking of conceiving a child. My work involves working with a computer (data input) and it's virtually a 6-7 hours' day in front of the computer. I heard that radiation emitted by computers can harm the embryo, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. Is this true? If yes, what should I do? Should I quit or will it be acceptable to limit my workday? If yes, to how many hours? Should I also take more frequent breaks?
Thank you for your inquiry. This question has arisen quite often in the past. Fortunately it is relatively easily answered. If there was any such effect it would have been apparent as large numbers of women of childbearing age work with PCs and in front of VDUs (visual display units) when pregnant but before being aware of their happy state. No studies have revealed any such increased health risks from radiation. Of course there are a number of other problems that can arise - especially back problems - from sitting in front of a PC without a break, which will be even worse with pregnancy. Take care!
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