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I have been receiving back rehabilitation at a Russian Orthopaedic hospital for 20 days. My lower back, my main problem area, inflammed quite badly during the last 5 days of treatment so the doctor prescribed Diclofenac which I am still taking. Two days after my treatment finished I started having problems with my neck. It feels really strained and the left side definitely looks different to the right side. I am pretty sure I must have strained it during the re-hab whilst using a resistence back strengthening chair. My question is, is it necessary to see a doctor or is it likely it will get better in its own time as I don't know how long these things take to heal? It has been 9 days now and the Diclofenac which is helping with my lower back inflammation is obviously not doing anything to help my neck. Also if I don't need to see a doctor is there anything I could try myself to make it a bit more comfortable until it heals. (I don't particularly want to go back to the hospital as the l anguage is a huge problem and I have to keep paying translators to come with me.) Thank you.
Thank you for your inquiry. There are a number of different possibilities for this 'slow' improvement, and without a comprehensive history and thorough physical examination - as important as cans of nor more so - it is not possible to say which are applicable, and therefore which course(s) of future action are to be recommended. In general, you would be better to be carrying out less strenuous rehab exercises while you are still symptomatic (= still having pain) than those it appears you have been instructed to do; exercising against resistance while still having pain is an unusual approach.
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