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If you were going to have lithotripsy done in Moscow, what facility would you use?
CCH (Central Clinical Hospital) Lithotripsy uses sound waves to crush or more accurately shatter kidney stones into smaller bits and pieces that can be passed out in the urine. The machine that produces these waves works through intact skin, which is much nicer for the patient than any othe rweay of dealing with the problem - surgery through an incision, or passing implements including a "basket" catheter up the urinary tract from below to crush the stone and pull it back down and out (and yes, that's as uncomfortable as it sounds). All surgical and other invasive procedures carry higher a risk of complications than does lithotripsy. The process takes about 45-70 minutes depending on the size of the stone(s); the success of the procedure depends on size and location of the stone(s) and how easily the fragments can be passed out afterwards. Lithotripsy is a very good example of a medical technique where the skill of the operator is as or more important than the provenance or newness of the machine....
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