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Hi Doc, I fear this is going to be one of those daft ones, but here goes! Is there a logical explanation for getting night time cramp in the same place from time to time? i.e. the cramp wakes me up and a knotted pain eminates from my the right side of my right calf! The other cramp I get is rare but happens when I'm awake and at home early morning or late evenings; I get really stiff erections in my right toe, it simply goes vertically rigid. I can't relax it, I have to put it under cold water or stand on a cold floor. I used to think it was from smoking too much, but I jacked that in 8 months ago, I don't drink and I eat healthy. As I said probably one of those unanswerables, but this is not a wind up.
Dear Rob, There are many causes of cramp but generally with a chronic history such as yours it may be difficult to attribute a specific cause. Medical causes include Diabetes, medications,electrolyte abnormalities - potassium,sodium, glucose,calcium,magnesium, Major kidney disease, peripheral nerve injury, alcohol use, heat cramps, vitamin B12 deficiency,thyroid disease and peripheral vascular insuffiency. Sometimes it can be lack of stretches post exercise or long day of activity. It may be best to run any concerns past your local doctor if you feel there could be a significant problem. Regards, Doctor.
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