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   April 11
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I am 15 and i am afraid i am pregnate I have been haveing weird periods and I am eatting more feeling sick getting heavyer and am very moody sometimes i am grumpy or depressed angry or happy it changes alot can i have my period and still be pregnate? HELP!!!!!
Thank you for your question. Summarizing it, I see three main topics: 1. anxiety about possible pregnancy 2. mood changes 3. appetite problems 1. If you have regular periods pregnancy is unlikely although rarely women have a monthly bleed in the early months of pregnancy. You could buy a urine home pregnancy kit and do the pregnancy test by yourself. However, if you think that your periods are "weird" it is strongly advisable to see your family physician or gynecologist regardless of the results of your pregnancy test. 2&3. Mood and appetite changes can indeed be symptoms of pregnancy but much more often they arise for other reasons, which are numerous. Again I recommend you see your family doctor for a consultation. P.S.......... To state the obvious - in order to be pregnant you need to have had sex :) If the answer is yes or maybe then I suggest you see your doctor promptly to have; 1. Pregnancy test 2. Discuss your menstrual problems 3. Get some good contraceptive advice and learn now about how NOT to acquire sexually transmitted problems. Hope this helps you. Problems are always easier shared so make sure you find someone to help you with this one.
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