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Our newborn (one-month old) has had problems with gas, thus with bowel movements for the past two weeks. We have followed the recommendations of our Russian paediatrician, however, nothing seems to be working. Although he is able to relieve himself on occasion, usually my wife and I must assist him via a tube, which we place in his rectum to relieve the gas, thus facilitating his BMs. Could you suggest any medication or other means for relieving the gas, thus facilitating the BMs? Because of this problem, he has been rather fussy, and sleeping irregularly. Thank you.
This "tube" is known to be recommended by some involved in local neonatology.Yet the presentation of the baby sounds like colic and if that is what it is (and this is strongly recommended to be confirmed by a good history and examination at clinic) there is a number of safer approaches to relieve this condition. First, with such young baby breastfeeding on demand makes them happier Second, there are safer medications for colicky babies - does not always help, but often will Then there are different "tricks" in different cultures like... for example,driving around with the baby in the car until he gets asleep and other you may have heard (we do not recommend driving the baby by the way...). However all these are inherently safer than passing a tube up a baby's bottom on a regular basis. The most important guide should be if baby is eating and developing normally, because frequency of BMs can vary from baby to baby. If the baby empties his bowels, there is no blood in diapers, he has crying spells only periodically and then sleeps OK - we would feel reassured rather than worry and would certainly recommend seeing you before continuing the current practice.
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