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Hello, i just found out that my boyfriend has HPV (he did not know it when he met me). My boyfiend and I had intercourse... however, I did not get the disease from him (my pap came out perfect). Now, what can I do so that I make sure I do not get it from him? From what I have read, using a condom is not secure. Please, advise because I do not know what to do... Thank you.
Dear KJ, I must assume your boyfriend has lesions (warts) which can or have been treated with cryotherapy or local applications. Once this has been successfully achieved then there is far less likelihood that the virus can be transferred to you. In the meantime condoms properly used before any contact still offer the best protection. The good news is that probably within a few years a vaccine against HPV will be available and this will hopefully also significantly reduce the risk of cervical cancer. I trust this information is of assistance to you. Doctor , Int. SOS.
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