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Dear Doctor, I am experiencing a slight pain of soreness on my left testicle. I found it to be localized at a pinhead bump inside the sack on the testes itself. It came on suddenly and these symtoms have been about the same for 3 days. Can it just be a small bruise or infection from a bump? Please let me know because I fear the worst. Thank you.
Thank you for your inquiry It certainly can be a bump / bruise / infection - while it's perfectly understandable to fear the worst the likelihood is that the cause is something transient and benign. However, operating on the basis of what is likely is only good when one is looking at aggregate risk. Individual risk is a different assessment, so you should go and see your doctor and have the problem examined - the doctor will need to palpate, transilluminate and possibly scan the testicle and do some blood tests to be sure. The possibilities for causes of testicular lumps include varicoceles, spermatoceles, hydroceles, epididymitis, and other cysts in addition to the one we should all worry about, testicular cancer. The reason to worry about testicular cancer is because a bit of judicious worry can save a life - by providing us with an incentive to examine our testicles once a month. If you're not already doing a testicular exam - all you guys out there listening? - monthly, you should be. Not so much because you might find something, but because unless you get used to how it normally feels, you will not know what is different if should you feel it... if you see what I mean. After a shower, examine each testicle with both hands while you're standing. Roll the testicle gently between thumbs and fingers - do not press hard enough to feel any discomfort. If one side feels larger than the other, that's common. The testicle should feel like a smooth, soft egg except at the top where the epididymis attaches and from which the testicular body is suspended. Any lump you may feel that is not normal should lead you to your doctor the next working day... Hope this helps
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