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I recently got salmonella from a meal at a well-known pizza chain here in Moscow. Are there any precautions which you can take to stop this happening? Of course, I do try and avoid the deadly salad bars, and some dodgy stuff for sale on the street, but there sometimes seems to be little that you can do - you can't check everything!
Sorry to say that the only way you can stop getting salmonella or indeed any other form of food poisoning is to eat only food which you van be absolutely sure cannot be contaminated - which means not eating out, whether at a 5-star or no-start eating establishment. Of course this means one would unnecessarily pass up a large variety of pleasant eating and digesting experiences to avoid the occasional unpleasant one... there is no way to tell for sure which establishment serves good or unsafe food unfortunately. Afraid we can't help on this one. Good luck!
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