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Although I'm only 32 and extremely fit, exercise etc, I've been developing varicose veins on my lower legs. This began as early as 27, and has got rapidly worse. What treatment is available? Are they even operable? Since a blood relative died of deep vein thrombosis following the same condition, I think I should consider even radical solutions.
Matthew Belware
Dear Matthew,
Thankyou for your inquiry. The positive thing is you sound fit and active, this helps varicose veins from progressing, with the exception of extreme weight lifting, which can make varicose veins worse. You may want to look at your work out routines and see that you are not doing anything that puts extreme weight load on your legs. As long as you are not on any medications that are known to cause vasodilation such as some blood pressure medications, then it may be that you have just inherited varicose veins. These do not usually cause deep vein thrombosis except if someone is sedinatary for periods of time such as airtravel and obesity, so on this front, just have walks on planes and do not sit for extensive periods, take short walk breaks. The things that exacerbate varice veins are sittiing and standing extensively. Walking is good. Varicose veins can be surgically ligated, for the large tortuous ones. You would need a referral to a vascular surgeon, who does this surgery. Medications usually do not help. Lazar is only for small spider veins. Support stockings are useful, but hot in the summer. I hope this helps,
Lynn Stadnyk
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