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My boyfriend leads a fairly wild way of life, while I am faithful to him I realise that I too am at risk. What test for STDs should I have and where in Moscow can I get this done?
Thank you for your inquiry. Should you have any concerns about symptoms or signs of infection, the best starting point is always a history and physical examination. Regarding which tests are best for "surveillance", these are best chosen from the point of view of the most likely risks and their implications: 1) less common but deadly - a.g. HIV (AIDS): can only be diagnosed by a blood test and even then there may be a "window" of 1-3 months before antibodies appear in the blood after infection; if the test is done during this period, it may give a falsely reassuring negative result 2) more common, very serious but less deadly - e.g. syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B/C 3) very common and with significant implications for fertility - e.g. PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), Chlamydia 3) very common and a nuisance - e.g. yeast and some bacterial infections The usual tests involve swabs for testing for bacteria, and blood samples for testing for the presence of antibodies to infecting agents. The exact choice of these - and their timing - is best discussed with your doctor. Also, it is generally not logical to test one partner without testing the other; your boyfriend needs to take responsibility for avoiding exposing you to infection, and to be tested as well. The two most effective ways to avoid STDs are 1) to choose a partner carefully, and 2) use a condom EVERY TIME and VERY carefully.
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