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Got an ache or pain? Have a question about a prescription or over-the-counter drug? Looking for some FREE medical advice?
Dear Doctor, I strongly believe I am in the phase of abusing alcohol and progressing in the path of becoming a real alcoholic day by day. Could this case be regarded as an illness? Is there a straightworward treatment to this, such as counseling or drug therapy? Should I see a doctor or are there things I can do on my own? Thanks in advance.
Thank you for your inquiry. Excessive use (abuse) of alcohol is regarded by most as an illness (and in the author's opinion this is absolutely the way it should be regarded). There is however little that is straightforward about its successful treatment unfortunately, as there are often many factors responsible for us developing a habit of excessive volume or frequency of alcohol intake; and while some of us can return to a normal socially and physically acceptable level of alcohol intake after a history of over-use, the majority of patients appear to need to stop drinking completely - which can be very difficult especially when the stresses and habits that started the cycle of alcohol abuse remain, and the ready availability of alcohol remains as well. In general, the most successful treatment in terms of results is participating in an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) program and the contacts in Moscow for this program can be found at the following url: As excess alcohol intake over a long time can be physically damaging it is definitely a good idea to see a doctor for a physical check-up and to take his/her advice about what level of alcohol intake the body can chemically tolerate (alcohol is after all a poison that the body has only a limited ability to detoxify) - but as above, the primary treatment is not medical, and for many there is no safe level of alcohol intake; complete abstinence may be the only solution. Good luck with your efforts.
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