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I'm 41, resting heart rate is 78 max is 128. I sometimes have heart pelpitations at rest, +120, for the past 6 months from stress. How dangerious are they long term? Is there medication that is not habit forming? Local Drs. aren't helping.
Thank you for your inquiry. Resting heart rate is well within normal limits, and maximum HR of 128 is definitely not untoward depending on the cause. However if you are having episodes of palpitations up to 120/min this is abnormal and needs to be checked both clinically and by ECG/EKG. If you are aware of stressors (such as anger, anxiety) or chemicals (such as coffee) that trigger such an episode it should be a relatively straightforward matter to have your heart rate monitored during one of the episode - which will give allow an immediate diagnosis. Diagnosis definitely comes before trying any medication; until a diagnosis is made it is not only not helpful but could be dangerous to treat palpitations on a 'best guess' basis. The comment 'local doctors aren't helping' is fairly non-specific and unless you are in a city with no alternative doctors to go to, you're best advised to seek a second opinion, from a cardiologist directly if your GP does not think a referral is necessary. Hope this helps
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