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Hello, Is it possible to totally eradicate HPV from the body once contracted? And what is the most efficient way to treat/cure condylloma please? Thanks
Thank you for this relevent question. HPV human papilloma virus, once acquired has several natural histories, ie it may replicate and produce condylomata formation, or exist in the latent phase in the basal layers of epithelium or mucous membrane, this latter phase is influenced by several factors, such as HPV subtype, the hosts ability to mount immunity against the virus and keep it in a dormant state. In this state it does not manifest condylomata, and its influence on vulnerable cell replication as in the cervical juction zone is less (studies are underway however to define the viral subtypes that cause the most havoc) It is simplist to say that the virus can be acquired and be dormant for a lifetime or go through phases or expression.Total eradication is not as likely. Methods of treatment vary depending on the location and size of the lesions.Topical treatment with trichloracetic acid and podophyllin or the more refined version Condylox, have recurrence rates of approx 50 %. Electrocautery which can often be done in the physicians office with local anaesthetic also has good success, but a percentage still recur.Unless there is some immunocompromise these condylomata spontaneously regress from approx 6 months to 2or 3 years. Hope this information is helpful. Kind Regards
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