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Hi, I have been in Moscow about 8 weeks and I have noticed that lately on the back of my legs I seem to be coming out in some small red splotches which seem to be scratchy. My suspicion is that it may have something to do with the water or maybe the ecology here. My skin seems dry, and it seems they mainly occur between my ankle and my knee but also on the calf muscle and behind the knee. Any thoughts? Or proposed treatments? Cheers, James
Dear James,
Irritable skin and rashes are quite common here and related to the dry atmosphere and temperature changes locally and change in climate from your point of origin. Individuals have variable susceptibility. treatment is symptomatic and involves the use of copious moisturizer - not too thin in consistency, minimize bathing especially in hot water ie avoid long hot baths and showers . keep them short and once per day. Woolen based trousers may irritate more and if none of this works you can get relief with a corticosteroid cream used as required. Hope this helps, regards, Doctor.
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