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Hi! My wife was on 11th week of pregnancy when she had done her CMV test during her hospitalization beacause of pneumonia. Now we got the results showing that IgM is negative and IgG=100. I understand that it means that somewhere in her past she got this virus and her organism had developed those anti bodies. However from a material I read I know that fourfold raise in IgG antibodies may indicate current illness. However we do not know what IgG level she had before her pregnancy. I have two questions: 1. Is it possible that she got this virus in the begining of her pregnancy and then in 11th week we so IgG=100 and IgM negative? 2. What are the normal levels of IgG antibodies in people who developed them during primal illness? Thanks.
Answer to 1: unlikely Answer to 2: ranges of 'normal' vary between laboratories. We urge your wife to see her doctor to review these issues because without knowing the clinical background, advising and making decisions on the basis of isolated laboratory results is most unwise....
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