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I have been diagnosed with Perifolliculitis capitus abscedens et suffodiens (Hoffmann)PCAS.The doctor here prescribed Kefzol that I had to inject myself.I am very reluctant to use this drug as it appears to have many side effects.I also found information on the web about this condition and they use Isotretinoin Accutane is it possible to find this in Moscow or do you have any other advise.Thank you in advance.
Perifolliculitis capitus abscedens et suffodiens (Hoffmann)PCAS is an uncommon disease which is characterized by the initial presence of nodules and abscesses on the scalp followed by loss of hair. Treatment can be either with medication or with surgery(removing the nodules). It is noted that present treatment protocols have poor outcome. Isotretinoin is considered a treatment of choice and is available in Russia. It is a very potent medication with many side effects and it needs to be prescribed by a doctor who will follow you carefully while you take this medication. The treatment can sometimes last up to 1 year. The absolute contraindication to use of this drug is pregnancy as it will cause major birth defects if given to pregnant patient. As this is a difficult problem, I would recommend you consult with a doctor to obtain the best treatment plan which will depend on the exact nature of your symptoms. Hope this helps
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