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I would like to get info regarding hepatitis-b. I have a boy friend who is hep-b positive. Actually, although the virus is in his blood its not active yet. I heard that I will be protected by vaccination. I would like to know that even if I'm protected what about our children? I would like to get a detailed answer regarding hep-b including the measures I should take to get protected.
Dear Labeeba,
Thank you for your inquiry. I would advise that you first be checked to see what your own status is currently with respect to having acquired the virus or if you have any immunity to the hep. B at this point. If you are negative and have no immunity, get vaccinated for Hep B which is normally given as a series of 3 shots, time 0,1 mo. and 6 mo. In your case because you are in contact with a Hep B positive person, I would suggest you gain immunity ie protection from acquiring it by the series time 0,1 month, 2 mo, and a booster at 12 mo. At three 1/2 months from time zero with this series you should have your doctor do a serology check for immunity. Until then use condoms to limit chance of transmission before you are immunized. Your children should also be immunized as general protection, as this is a standard worldwide recommendation to prevent the spread of hepatitis B. I hope this imformation is helpful to you. You are welcome to come into the SOS clinic for blood work and vaccination. Best regards,
Lynn Stadnyk
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