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I have red streaks, almost like stretch marks moving out from my groin. Also, everynow and then my anus will get alittle painful, like i have been walking awhile and it has been rubbing togther. The marks don't hurt, but the area hurts right before they apear, almost lke my skin is being ripped apart. Do you have any idea what it might be? Is there and std with these types of symptoms?
Sorry, skin problems are really impossible to diagnose 'remotely'. Sometimes - often - simply seeing a skin lesion means the doctor can make a diagnosis on the spot. Whereas blindly (literally) suggesting treatment on this site which may help greatly in one diagnosis but make things worse for another condition (think: steroids in fungal infections) is something we definitely want to avoid. Please go and see your doctor or if you have done so without success, ask for a dermatologist referral. Best regards
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