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>This sounds like 'formication' (polyneuropathy) but would be highly >unusual if starting in childhood and staying in only the fingers and toes. None of us have encountered this before in this type of presentation. We assume you have seen a doctor before for this - were there any changes in sensation found on physical examination? I haven't seen a doctor about this, probably because it seems like such a bizarre thing. As for any other symptoms, I do also have a slight itch similar to that in my index fingers and toes, also near the bottom of my inner lip, and as for the itch, it's only in an exact spot... near the tip of my fingers/toes, which never varies. Not sure if it is related, but I have also experienced some odd muscle twitches, especially when lying flat... I have asked a doctor about that symptom, who more or less dismissed it, but didn't run any tests of any sort (not a great doctor in my opinion). I never heard of 'formication'(polyneuropathy) before... is there treatment, and how serious is it?
Formication is a description rather than a diagnosis; it is literally the sensation of ants crawling on or under the skin (apparently the Latin for ant is formis). It is not at all serious but frequently annoying - treatment is not required.
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