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Some years ago I fractured my talus playing rugby. After four operations to drill into the talus to promote regrowth and graft bone from the knee the situation has got a great deal worse. I have a lot of initial discomfort after sitting or lying down for a long period of time which then usually disappears after walking.
My question is, will continued exercise such as jogging purely injure the talus more or should I attempt to slowly increase strength in the joint (the right calf muscle is atrophied) or will this simply make things worse. Is the discomfort I feel arthritis?
It sounds from your description as if you have developed an arthritis in
your ankle joint. This is certainly a common complication after a fractured
talus. Low impact exercise would be a better option than jogging for
fitness and to minimize the symptoms of pain and stiffness. Low impact
exercise includes walking, cycling and swimming.
Best wishes
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