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Three weeks ago pimple-like things appeared around my pubic area. I went to see a doctor at one of the Western clinics here. He dignosed it as a recurrence of HPV, something that he had previously found and had me treat. He again prescribed Efudix (a.k.a. Efudex) 5% cream, to be applied twice a day for 30 days. It took me two weeks to find Efudix here, and I started to apply it about a week ago. Around that time I noticed several boils eveloping in the pubic area near the base of the penis. A few days later they ruptured and expelled pus. One appears to be healing. The other one is still producing pus and has turned into a rather large open sore about 4mm in diameter and 2-3 mm deep. Treatments with Efudix and anticeptic have not yet helped. The area is sensitive to the touch. I think that other boils may be developing. My questions are as follows. First, is this consistent with the HPV dignosis, or should I be concerned about having something else? Second, is Efudix appropriate for treating HPV? I've done some research on the Web. describes Efudex as "an antimetabolite used to treat actinic (solar) keratoses, which is a skin growth caused by exposure to sunlight. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor." Various sources on the Web, including, state that HPV is treated with either Podophyllotoxin solution (Condyline) or Imiquimod cream (Aldara). Efudix is NEVER mentioned in treatment of HPV. Finally, I wish I could send you a few digital images of the affected area. Is there a way to do that confidentially?
Thank you for your query to askthedoctor and please be advised that we suggest that for our team to offer further medical advise or treatment to the effected area that clearly is not healing in a suitable manner, presents us with an almost impossible task. We therefore recommend that you go for a physical examination of the affected area, whereupon a diagnosis can me made and appropriate medication and treatment be prescribed for you. Should you wish to forward visual aids for our perusal, please note that we cannot guarantee security of any e-mail files that necessarily pass through public servers, another reason to present in person for thorough clinical examination.
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