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In the past I abused cocaine. I have now stop using although my nasal tissue seems to be permanetly damaged from using. Is there any medicaiton I can use to cure this. The exact problem seems to be that the nasal tissue is permanetly inflamed, constantanly runs, and is blistered. Any help you may give me regarding this matter is very appreciated.
This is a difficult question to answer. As you have found out, snorting cocaine causes damage to the nasal mucosa (lining of the nose). Cocaine causes intense vessel constriction, and this causes necrosis of the tissue. In other words, the tissue is destroyed because it has no blood supply. In short term use, the tissue will heal and recover, but over a longer period of time, the mucosa will become atrophied and ulcerated, and eventually the nasal septum can perforate completely. Rhinorrhoea (running nose) and loss of sense of smell are also common. Whether this effect will be permanent will depend on how extensive the damage is. It may be that you need to wait a little longer for the tissue to regenerate. Readily available cold and flu nose sprays contain vasoconstrictive agents and these should be avoided as they are likely to make matters worse in the longer run. Consultation with an ear, nose and throat specialist would be helpful, as then the extent of damage can be assessed and appropriate treatment prescribed. Hope this helps.
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